Sally Bee

“Potatoes are full of natural vitamins, minerals and fibre. I love them!”

Best-selling author and TV chef, Sally Bee is passionate about creating healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy.


Sally credits her food choices, fitness and positive outlook with helping her recover from a series of heart attacks. Now, she’s helping people discover how easy it is to follow a healthy, nutritious and affordable diet. Her six best-selling, family-friendly cook books include ‘The Secret Ingredient’ and have inspired a loyal following – among them Michelle Obama, who famously snapped up several copies for the White House.

Sally is living proof of the power of healthy living after she experienced three heart attacks when she was just 36, due to a rare condition that affects her blood vessels. She believes that her healthy diet gave her body the strength to survive a further two heart attacks 12 years later, in 2016.

Sally is a great ambassador for us at Albert Bartlett and also for healthy living. Her cookbooks feature her favourite recipes, inspired by the positive effect food can have on your physical and mental wellbeing – and also by the importance of sharing and enjoying meals with the family.

Potatoes have a special place in Sally’s recipes. She shows how to get the best from the natural vitamins, minerals and fibre that potatoes have in abundance. They’re not just one of the healthiest ways to eat your non-processed carbohydrates, they’re filling and delicious too. Sally shares her favourite ways to cook with potatoes – from healthy takes on family favourites, simple but tasty tea-time treats, and the finest guilt-free comfort food.

Take a look at Sally’s recipes here.

Favourite Dish

Jersey Royal Salad

Jersey Royal Salad

Restaurant Andrew Fairlie

“I’m extremely proud to be continuing Andrew’s legacy and his culinary traditions, suitably representing the man himself. Working with aspiring young chefs, nurturing talent and developing the next generation of chefs with passion and honesty.” – Stevie McLaughlin, Head Chef

Michel Roux Jr

“Everything that comes into the kitchen has to be perfect.”

Michel Roux Jr’s love of good food and haute cuisine is matched by his passion for quality ingredients, which makes us doubly proud to have him as an ambassador.