Albert Bartlett is proud to announce the inaugural Cover Crop Competition in Jersey, celebrating the excellent work of the island’s farming community in promoting biodiversity and sustainable practices.

About the Competition

Jersey growers will compete to have the best cover crop based on criteria in four categories:

– Best Bird Cover Crop

– Best Visual Cover Crop 

– Best Pollinator Cover Crop

– Best Soil Health Cover Crop

Growers will receive guidance from sponsors and experts, with judging in August and October. Winners will be announced at an award ceremony in November.

Promoting Biodiversity

This competition aims to expand current sustainable farming methods and support local wildlife by:

– Increasing pollinators like bees

– Providing food sources for birds

– Improving soil health

It engages organizations like Jersey Birds on the Edge, Jersey Bees, the Pollinator Project, and Jersey Biodiversity Centre.

Timeline 2024

– Launch: May 6th

– Early Judging: August 9-10th

– Late Judging: October 25th

– Award Ceremony: November 20th

Jersey Ecology Fund

To support our competition we are delighted to announce that we have been granted funding from the Jersey Ecology Fund which is operated by the States of Jersey. The Fund is a financial resource available for whole or partial support of Jersey environmental projects. It was established in March 1991 by the States of Jersey with a sum of money received as an insurance settlement from the Amoco Cadiz oil tanker disaster of 1978. The fund has allocated valuable support to the Albert Bartlett Jersey Cover Crop Competition to support Jersey growers in promoting best practices and biodiversity. Specifically the fund will help us to support a land management or ecology student to carry out surveying, monitoring and recording of data with respect to pollinators, birds and other wildlife that visit a particular area of cover crop. As well as helping us judge the best cover crop for the competition it will highlight the benefits of cover crops to the islands environment and wildlife. We are extremely grateful for this fund and its support in allowing us to ensure all judging is completed to the highest standard and the benefits of the competition to the environment are highlighted.

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