Food Waste Action Week At Albert Bartlett 2024

Albert Bartlett has taken a proactive stance towards sustainability by committing to science-based targets aimed at reducing carbon emissions. These targets are aligned with the latest climate science, crucial for achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement. The primary goal is to limit global warming to well-below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, with a further ambition to restrict warming to 1.5°C. AB’s strategy involves implementing carbon reduction projects identified through their in-house Carbon Management Plans.

In addition to our carbon reduction efforts, Albert Bartlett is a proud signatory of the Waste Resources Action Group (WRAP) Courtauld Commitment 2030. This commitment fosters collaborative action throughout the UK food chain to drive reductions in food waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and water stress. By participating in initiatives like the WRAP Food Waste reduction Roadmap and other working groups, AB actively contributes to the UK food and drink sector’s pursuit of global environmental objectives.

One notable initiative that Albert Bartlett is championing is the promotion of Food Waste Action Week (FWAW), scheduled for 18th – 22nd March. During this period, we are engaging with customers, suppliers, and staff to raise awareness about food waste reduction. As part of our FWAW activities, we have developed and shared food waste savings recipes like Easter Roast Leftover Loaded Chips, Loaded Potato Skins, Korean Potatoes, and Truffle and Sea Salted Crisps.

To involve our staff in a fun and educational manner, we have organized a prize-winning quiz focusing on food waste knowledge. Employees are encouraged to share their own suggestions for reducing food waste while receiving valuable tips and interesting facts on the subject. Furthermore, we are sharing information about food waste that is prominently displayed on internal TV screens and staff notice boards. Access to food waste saving recipes is made convenient through QR codes.

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