We supply own label and branded lines of fresh and frozen potatoes to retail, wholesale, food service and processing customers. These are some of the other potato varieties that our farmers grow for us and that we supply to trade customers across the country.


Anyas are a homemade salad staple, with their distinctive chestnut and hazelnut flavour, firm waxy texture and knobbly appearance. The great thing about the Anya is that it’s equally tempting hot or cold, so when the weather gets a bit chilly for salad, you can just pop the potatoes in the oven and roast them.

These speciality potatoes have a unique appearance, and an equally outstanding taste. Anya’s winning qualities have been recognised by The Guild of Fine Food, who awarded them Gold at their Great Taste Awards – known as ‘the Oscars of the food world’.


Our award-winning Marabels have a bright, light-yellow skin and pale-yellow flesh, with a lovely oval shape. And they’re bursting with flavour. Marabels are one of the best potatoes for mashing, thanks to that sweet taste and soft, creamy texture. Add a little warm milk and a spot of mustard for an extra treat. You can also enjoy Marabels baked or boiled – they’re just as happy in their jackets as out of them – and because the rich flavours come through however they’re cooked, there’s no need to add butter.

Another of our delicious, award-winning potatoes, the Marabel won Gold in The Grocer Own Label Food and Drink Awards.


Vivaldi potatoes don’t just taste amazing – they’re versatile too. With its thin, light-yellow skin and flesh, and unique velvety texture, this multi-tasker is wonderful as a jacket potato. It also makes equally tasty mash and holds its shape perfectly when boiled. The mild, sweet flavour works brilliantly with chicken or fish recipes. And the Vivaldi can absorb many different flavours and keep its shape – whether you’re enjoying it hot or cold. So, they’re a perfect choice for salads, too. Is there anything versatile Vivaldi can’t do?

We process and pack Vivaldi exclusively for Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range in the UK. Our Vivaldi potatoes have won the Fresh Produce category at the Q Food and Drink Awards – and took Gold at The Grocer Own Label Awards, where the judges commented that the skin was delicious and crispy, and there was no need to add butter to improve the taste.