BBQ Pulled Pork Potato Skins

Impress your family and friends with the cracker of a dish - perfect as a starter, side or even the star of the show!

Cooking PotMETHOD

  1. Get your BBQ set up for long and slow cook and ensure you have some smoking wood chunks/chips (Ideally a fruit wood like cherry or apple).

  2. Grab a nice 1.5-2.5kg pork shoulder from your local butchers, online specialist or supermarket. Trim off the skin and most of the fat cap layer - this will help the BBQ rub get down to the meat.

  3. Set up your BBQ for low and slow indirect cooking with some smoking wood for that BBQ flavour. Cook the pork at 120c for 6hrs (You can also do this in the oven).

  4. At this point, tightly wrap the pork in some foil with 2tbsp of butter, 2tbsp of brown sugar and 50ml of apple juice. Cook until fall apart tender, which will be roughly another 2-4hrs, or when the pork hits 94c. Let the pork cool a little then shred, adding a small dash of your favourite BBQ sauce.

  5. Get your favourite Albert Bartlett potatoes and cut into halves, rub all over with olive oil and season lightly with salt.
    Put them flesh side down on a greaseproof paper lined baking tray.
    Put these in your BBQ, running at 200c for 25-35 minutes, depending on the thickness of the potatoes. A quick prick test with a knife, with little resistance, will tell you they are done.

  6. Carefully lift them off the tray and turn over so you can see the flesh. Allow the potatoes to cool until you can safely handle them. Use a spoon to remove some, but not all, of the potato flesh from the skin. Aim to leave around 1cm of flesh in the skin.

  7. At this point increase your BBQ temperature to 220c.
    Melt 4tbsp of butter and stir in 2tsp of the leftover BBQ seasoning to the butter and stir. Brush this onto the flesh side of the potatoes and return to the BBQ for 10-12 minutes to crisp up.
    When cooked and crisped up nicely, remove from the BBQ and fill each skin with a good helping of the pulled pork.

  8. Then finish as you wish, but we used sour cream, chives, bacon sprinkles and an extra drizzle of that BBQ sauce.


What you will need

Serves: 4

Preparation: 6-8 hrs mins

Cooking: 35 mins

1.5-2.5kg Pork shoulder joint
100g BBQ rub seasoning (Keep 2tsp aside)
2kg of Albert Bartlett baking/roasting potatoes
6tbsp Butter
2tbsp Brown sugar
100ml Apple Juice
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper