It’s good to know where your potatoes come from. 

It’s even better to know they come from a company committed to working in harmony with the environment.


At Albert Bartlett, we’re dedicated to looking after the environment on the farms and our production sites. We’re proud to have won several awards for our commitment. Please click on the links to view our environmental statement, quality statement and health and safety statement.


As a family of farmers, we’re passionate about conserving and nurturing the environment that surrounds us. These are just some of the ways we look after the environment: 

  • We monitor the activity of all the insects, which allows us to minimise the use of any pesticides. We believe that potatoes which are naturally grown, are naturally tasty.
  • We have long 5 – 6 year gaps between potato crops, which creates healthy, rich soil for future generations.
  • Our potatoes are kept in storage after harvest. We avoid using chemicals and gas applications to artificially preserve them, except in exceptional crop circumstances.
  • We encourage the growth of wild flowers, trees and hedges, which in turn protects and encourages birds and wildlife.


At all of our production sites, we carefully monitor our energy consumption. This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint. We also use energy-efficient management systems to minimise our use of gas, electricity and water. 

  • In Airdrie, 70% of the water we use to wash our potatoes is rainwater collected from the roof. A further 25% is from our own borehole. We have a water-recycling system which further reduces our use of this precious resource.
  • Our team at our Airdrie site has planted over 25,000 trees.
  • We recycle wood, card, plastic and food waste.
  • Our recycled soil is used for agricultural land improvement.
  • At our Airdrie site, we’ve invested in robot technology which improves safety and efficiency.
  • We use an external auditor to make sure we are keeping up to the mark, and we are proud to have ISO 14001 accreditation.


Scotland, where we grow most of our potatoes, has some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. It’s also home to hugely varied species of wildlife. 

We are members of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the largest charity working exclusively for the protection of all Scotland’s wildlife. It manages over 124 wildlife reserves across Scotland, ranging from Highland estates to urban green spaces. We are proud to support their mission to protect wildlife.


Here are some of the environmental awards we’ve proudly received, underlining our commitment to and care for our local landscape:

  • Vision in Business for the Environment Scotland, 2013
  • Scotland Food and Drink – Excellence Awards – Environmental Sustainability – Winner, 2014
  • Fresh Produce Consortium – Fresh Awards – Corporate Sustainability Award, 2014
  • The Scottish Business Awards – Green Business of the Year, 2015